B² Architecture | Sweet Secret of Raw
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Sweet Secret of Raw

The concept of the Cafe and cake shop has to fully conform to the philosophy of the meals that “Sweet secret of raw” serves. It has to be fresh, original and at the same time familiar and friendly. The dominant material used in the interior is wood. The best way to see this is in the form of decorative shelving systems on one of the walls or with a geometrically formed ceiling. Smart details are wooden boxes hanging upside down, used as lampshades. The customer plays a major role, due to the different needs that all of us have. We emphasize the design of several levels of seating – barstools in the window for the lone observer, a bench for sitting during lunch, seating at the big table with friends or the comfy armchairs when you want to read a book. The corporate pink color, which is used in several places in the interior, perfectly complements the natural green color of plants that complement the space in its entirety.


Barbara Bencova, Co-author: Tereza Šváchova


Alexandra Timpau www.alextimpau.com


77 m2




public and commercial interiors