B² Architecture | Attic Loft Reconstruction
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Attic Loft Reconstruction

This loft apartment located in a late 19th century house presents an interesting challenge: how to recover the graceful proportions of the living room while taking advantage of the possibilities offered by an earlier alteration which had inserted intermediate levels.

The Owner is a business executive and collector of animal trophies who wanted a space that would allow him to display his growing collection and enhance its impact. He also wanted a home with the quality of a retreat from his frequent business travels.

The lower level is a space for entertaining—its public character underlined by a large open space which includes a kitchen with the bar table and dining corner.  This level also contains two suites—one containing living, media and guest bedroom; the other, the master bedroom, bath, dressing and utility areas.

The guest bedroom is separated from the office space by large glazed sliding doors which are designed to be left open most of the time.

The master bedroom suite is anchored on either end by unusual spaces—on one by a bath with a large steam shower and cabinetry, on the other by a large steel sliding door leading into the living room.

The stair then becomes a steel ribbon structure which flies above the lower level.  The upper level comprehend second master bedroom with the small bathroom and big dressing room and living area with the entrance to the terrace.

The color scheme for the unit is universally white for the walls, floors and ceilings.  The animal trophies provides the color accents as do the wooden beams and several steel elements.


Barbara Bencova


Alexandra Timpau


Prague 6 - Dejvice, Czech Republic


2012 / 2013




residential interiors