B² Architecture | Container Student Housing, Berlin
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Container Student Housing, Berlin


The inspiration for the proposal was a monastery with a wall around.

We are using containers like „Lego“ to build a simple structure, which encloses the whole building site. This solution provides protection against the sound from the nearby railway tracks and creates by that a calm inner garden atmosphere. The rooms are oriented towards the courtyard and similar to cells of monks fitted only with essential equipment. The living units are accessible via galleries along the outer facade. In order to improve sound insulation and protection against weather, the gallery is covered by a polycarbonate shell.



Petr Hájek, Cornelia Klien, Dominik Saitl, Martin Stoss, Barbara Bencova Full preview of the project available on Petr Hájek Architects


Berlin, Germany


2nd prize in Architectural design competition to Berlin


public and commercial buildings, public and commercial interiors