B² Architecture | Champagneria
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Everybody has a dream, but not everybody has the courage to fulfill it. We had the luck of encountering a client, who was brave enough to leave his job, take his life savings and turn his dream into reality. His aspiration was to open a unique bar where he would sell his favourite Champagne.

He couldn’t have chosen a better location, close to Bethlehem Square, where the streets of Old Prague Town meet- as if time has stopped. The design of the new bar is trying to conceive, and even change, the genius loci of this somewhat forgotten and lonely place.

You enter the bar from Průchodní Street where a wall, paneled with bronze coins, dominates the whole space. Everything else- lighting, furniture and used material, is held in industrial style. Should you get bored at the bar with your drink, wondering about the various origins of all the coins and- how many hands they were turned over in- you can proceed into the next room, which offers a few seats in dimmed lighting- or walk all the way to the gallery.

Thus, Champagneria has become the next dream come true, as well as a new de luxe spot, in the center of (not only) Prague’s nightlife.

*Displayed sculptures are made by Martin Kocourek


Barbara Bencova, Co-author: Tereza Šváchova


Alexandra Timpau


Prague 1 - Old Town


110 m2


public and commercial interiors