B² Architecture | Spa & Wellness Club
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Spa & Wellness Club

The human scale is lacking on the site. Our solution offers a retreat from the industrial landscape around due to its urban block structure that creates a green oasis for visitors. Our intention is to bring a note of intimacy and relaxation to a place that seems to lack both of these characters. The structure of the block was inspired by the scale of the buildings situated in the center of Bologna, a city known for its beautiful streetscapes.

The small buildings, which resulted from considering the areas required and the cross-functionality needed between them, have been organized so that the amount of sunlight hitting the central pool is maximized. Thus, we arrive at a maximum (reached on the 21st of June) of 15 hours of sunlight.

The composition of the volumes evokes the layout and functionality of the ancient roman spa, yet manages to keep a modern feel to the overall look.

The café/terrace located on the edge of the water offers a perfect viewpoint for observing all the flows of people, while protecting from the harsh sunlight. This is also a relaxation area for the swimmers that prefer the main pool located on the ground floor.

The central pool is connected to small pools housed inside. The water flows to all of them and is filtered with a natural filtering system, therefore providing a live ecosystem inside the plot. There is one more infinity edge pool located in the upper level of the complex, which flows outward over a green wall and in to the main swimming pool.



Barbara Bencova, Alexandra Timpau


Bologna, Italy


competition Entry


june 2015


public and commercial buildings, public and commercial interiors