B² Architecture | Popout Design Store
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Popout Design Store

The objective in designing Popout was to make it well arranged and user friendly.

It was imperative there would be no confusion in client’s finding their way around the store given the wide array of unconventional products and original home furnishings the store carries.

Popout had already been an established internet store which was then, upon the owners‘ suggestion, turned into a brick-and-mortar shop. The entire interior design of the store was derived from the design of their current website. All products were sorted out by their functionality and in separate rooms (categories). A significant object for each category was then used as a visual guide. A corner with a real bathtub is where you can find bathroom accessories. A metal shelf in the shape of a tree represents items that are used outside. A dining table is a place where you can buy glassware and porcelain from different Czech designers while wardrobes and cabinets hold personal accessories.The entrance accompanied by staircase was designed to attract attention. It was all painted using their corporate pink color.


Web design by: Václav Krbůšek

Original layout by: Richard Heger and Jan Mayer



Barbara Bencova


Prague 1, Czech Republic


public and commercial interiors