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Club Cinemas

Carlsbad, forever associated with spa culture, will also probably always be connected with the film industry.The project’s aim is to create a new and independent cinema space, with an intimate atmosphere. A supplementary suite for post-production will faciliate visitors in learning to work with movies.
The concept for the multiplex is based on the possibilities of land that was until now completely unused by the city. Formely, it was the old concrete chute of an unbuilt funicular railway leading from the busy Vřídelní street (the Collonade) to the top of Thre Crosses Hill.
To emphasize the discreet entry from Collonade, a small passegeway paved in red sandstone is utilised. The dimensions and shape of each hall are determined by the parameters for screening, canvas size (2,4 x 4,7 m) and acoustic potential of the space. An area of 1235 m2 accommodates 7 cinema theatres, each with capacity of 24 persons. Each one, except the first, is accessible by funicular surface track, functioning as an elevator. A cabin for 25 people is drawn by a cable on steel girder in both directions underneath the theatres, each of which is handicap accessible and has its own lavatories and bar. Film screening and bar refreshments are operated by smart card, which can be purchased at both entrances. The presence of staff is not needed. The old midway station and now the second entry to the cinema multiplex from Na Vyhlídce street, functions as the control center with administration offices, facilities for staff, a control room, an engine room and editing room.
The external bounding walls knit with the current chute and frame construction of theatres. Windows positioned blind the creening canvases are covered over by perforated tin. When there is a screening, the picture is projected to the exterior. When there is no projection, the screens are drawn and a panoramic view of Carlsbad is visible.
The small proportions of the theatres induce a club atmosphere. Big armchairs and intimate spaces provide a pleasant area for public and private screening and lectures.
The building utilises the foundation of exiting concrete chute. The facades are monolithic reinforced sandwich made of exposed architectural concrete. The ceilings are composed of monolithic reinforced concrete plates. The flat, non-accessible roofs are waterproof concrete.


Barbara Bencova


Carlsbad, Czech Republic


public and commercial buildings