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Meadow House

Meadow House is hidden  in the middle of the Křivoklát woods and serves as an escape from the city for its owner, an enthusiastic athlete who can benefit from the proximity of a popular cycling trail.

The task was to come up with an inexpensive new building, within a regular building program, for a young active couple who is not planning a family (shared living space with kitchen, 2 bedrooms, room, study room). The land has incredible views of the surrounding countryside. With respect to the scenic views of the land, the house was designed as an elongated two-storey building on the eastern side of the property. One can enjoy the views both from the ground-level porch as well as from the terrace of the bedroom on the 2nd floor.

The house is organized fairly simply – the entrance hall (which you access to the west and exit to the east) divides the house into two parts – night western section with a bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, WC, and a daily southern part with a shared kitchen, dining room and living room. The day part is open up to the roof. Only the space of the workplace, which could eventually be closed and turned into another (child’s) room, intervenes in this open space. Above the night section is the 2nd floor: a bedroom with a bathroom, a dressing room, and a work area. The bedroom has a view of the breathtaking Křivoklát countryside from the terrace.

The house will have a swimming pool and a garage with a gym where there will also be a sauna. The relaxation zone of the gym will have a view of the bathing pond in the first plan, further of the meadow and the nearby forest. The plot will be fenced with a hedge.

The house will be fitted with a wooden lath facade and folded sheet metal in dark gray,  from which the roof will also be made.

Wooden windows with triple glazing will be in dark gray color. There will be preparations for screen shading (eg outdoor textiles) for windows and the interior will be dominated by lighter tones – pine wood, partitions and walls painted in white, and wood flooring supplemented with a gray cement spatula or Marmoleum. The main living area will have a fireplace stove.

Other elements of the interior can be specified in the follow-up project.


Barbara Bencova


104,3 m2




residential buildings, residential interiors

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